Your RevGrowth Marketing Program is Your Custom Combination of world-class digital marketing services that evolves to provide predictable customer acquisition costs over time.

Your businesses custom RevGrowth Marketing Program is designed by our internal team after our initial discovery and goal setting call. Localyze provides real-time analytics and reporting that allows our clients to follow along, get involved, and evolve our strategies to help provide year over year growth and predictable customer acquisition costs.


Brand Design & Strategy

A well thought out brand and mission statement leaves your end user with a clear understanding of your value proposition and mission. First instincts are very important so we make sure you get your customer facing branding ready for RevGrowth.

Web Development

Custom WordPress websites and landing pages are required to enroll in our RevGrowth marketing program. Our platform and partners have built this proprietary system based on the website of our clients being on WordPress. This is included in RevGrowth if your current website is outside of WordPress.


Our industry leading local SEO services are included in every RevGrowth marketing program. 80% of leads for the professional services industry comes from organic search on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Localyze’s one of a kind partnerships allows us to provide you with the best local search engine optimization on the market.

Reputation Management

Real-time monitoring of reviews and local competition. It is vitally important to respond to all reviews in a timely manner so we built our reputation management program to monitor review sites, listings, your competitors, and much more in real-time.

Email Marketing

Localyze’s Email Marketing Services is almost always included in the RevGrowth Marketing Program. In many cases, we can start emailing prospective clients early in the program to help generate some early wins. We included between 2 and 4 word-class lead generating emails a month. Our Email Marketing campaigns are still one of the best ways to generate new and referral business in the professional services industry.


Social Media

Our Social Marketing services are included in every RevGrowth marketing program. We engage and generate actionable leads on up to three social media platforms for your business. We write and design your posted content then manage the engagement from those posts.

Content Development

Custom content is created for a variety of reasons. Localyze creates world-class content for your press releases, articles, website copy and design,  social media posts, and more. In a world where “content is king,” we make sure to provide your RevGrowth marketing program with powerful content that is aligned with your brand and mission.

Team Training

 We provide team training events in person or virtually to assist with a variety of items like social media, Google analytics, in-house content creation, training on the Localyze Dashboard, and much more.

Get Started For Free!

Your RevGrowth starts with a complimentary Snapshot Report Card so we can identify a starting point. The Snapshot Report Card is easy to get. Just click the button below to get started and we’ll run the report and email it to you today. It’s easy to read and highlights areas of opportunity with a letter grade. As your grades improve, your qualified inbound leads should increase. Once we have achieved a straight-A report card with RevGrowth we can activate KickAds, our online advertising intelligence, and optimization program to leverage your optimized online brand.

"What Localyze has done here is provide remarkable value at a perfect time. The express versions of this toolkit are free right now and I usually pay close to $100 a month for something like this. It's a no brainer. "

– Mitch Anderson

"Turning on my computer is about the extent of my expertise when it comes to digital marketing. I opted for Localyze's managed RevGrowth Online Program. It's super reasonable, works great, and the dashboard allows me to follow along. This is the first time I've felt like I've had a grasp on our local digital marketing campaigns."

– Roy Simpson Jr. CPA

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