We deploy a powerful & local digital marketing strategy to help you acquire more customers while providing monthly ROI analysis. We call that RevGrowth.

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Your RevGrowth Marketing Program is a custom combination of our 8 industry-leading services that includes a marketing strategy for "now" business as well as long term growth strategies. Explore them separately below. 

"Turning on my computer is about the extent of my expertise when it comes to digital marketing. I opted for Localyze's managed RevGrowth Online Program. It's super reasonable, works great, and the dashboard allows me to follow along. This is the first time I've felt like I've had a grasp on our local digital marketing campaigns."

– Roy Simpson Jr. CPA

Our simple 3 step process keeps it low pressure.

The LRC: To Get Started

The Localyze Report Card is a snapshot of your current digital presence. Complete our form in order for us to get started on that.

Discovery: We'll email you to setup a Google Meet.

Once you complete the form, keep an eye on your inbox for a link to our calendar. We’ll schedule a Google Meet to go over what we found. On this call, we want to hear more about your business. Combining the LRC with our initial call, we can talk next steps. 

Proposal: Low pressure, customer first approach.

At the conclusion of our initial discovery meeting, we’ll discuss if it makes sense to talk next steps. If so, we’ll schedule a second Google Meet to propose your RevGrowth Marketing Program; a long-term marketing strategy for your business that includes a deep understanding of your customer acquisition costs.



Let's Build this Thing Together. RevGrowth Starts Here.